did the Xbox One X deliver on its promises ?


Did the Xbox One X deliver on its promises ?

The Xbox One X didn’t really deliver on its promises. In E3 Assassin’s Creed Origins wasn’t running at native 4k and according to the benchmarks released by DigitalFoundry it can’t run triple a titles by 3rd party developers at 4k 30 fpsDigitalFoundry didn’t say what were the games that were benchmarked but we can guess. One of them seemed to be Assassin’s Creeds Origins and got an average of 24fps on the Xbox One X. the StarWars Battlefront  2 demo on the Xbox One X didn’t run at native 4k. I am not disappointed because I know it is impossible to run every game high graphics native 4k. I am guessing Xbox One X will run triple A games that aren’t exclusives at mid-high settings 4k [not native.]



Microsoft’s Xbox One X Benchmarks Revealed: 4K vs 900p/1080p + Back-Compat!


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