Gtx 1080 Ti benchmarks !!!


Gtx 1080 Ti !!!

Gtx 1080 Ti   Gtx 1080
Boost clock 1582




Vram 11GB 8GB
Base clock 1480




Memory speed 11 Gbps 10 Gbps
Memory Interface Width 352 bit 256 bit
Cuda cores 3584 2560
Memory Bandwidth 484 GB/sec 320 GB/sec
Graphics Card Power 250W 180W
Multi Monitor 4 displays 4 displays
Sli Yes Yes
Maximum Digital Resolution 7680×4320 60Hz 7680×4320 60Hz


Gtx 1080 Ti benchmarks

for benchmarks skip to 2:14

Nvidia said that it will go on sale at March 10th

To see more information about Gtx 1080 Ti click here

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Gtx 1080 price has drooped for people that want a card that could do 4k but don’t want to spend $600+ on it can buy the Gtx 1080. Click here to buy the Gtx 1080.



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