Overwatch anniversary event live.

Overwatch’s anniversary event is now playable on every platform. The event brings new arena maps, new skins, and new emotes.  You will be abale to get 100 new loot box items, including 11 legendary skins  until the end of the event which is at June 12.

The event brings 3 new maps to the game for 3v3 elimination. the 1st map is called Necropolis.

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The second map is called Castillo.

The third and final map is Black Forest.

Their are 11 new unlockable characters .

This character is called Bedouin.

This character is called Cyborg: 76

This character is called Cruiser.

This character is called Graffiti

This character is called Cyberninja

This character is called Beekeeper

This character is called Cyberian

This character is called Dune Buggy

This character is called  Sentai

This character is called Oasis

This character is called Jazzy

People that want to get Over Watch should but it now because Overwatch is $29.99 and Overwatch game of the year edition is only $39.99. If you don’t buy the game now Overwatch would be $40 and game of the year edition would be $59.99, click here to buy Overwatch. People that want to try out Overwatch can play it this weekend for free click here to get the free trail.



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