Nintendo announced the 2ds XL

Because of the Nintendo Switch many believed that Nintendo would discontinue thier handheld consoles. But Nntendo has anounced the New 2ds XL !!!!

The New Design

For the most part the design of the New 2ds XL looks like the New 3ds Xl. The New 2ds Xl has an “Ergonomic, folding design.” Because of this feature it is much easier to play with it on the go than the old 2ds. The new screen is 82% bigger.

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The New 2ds XL has the circle pad in the same spot as the 3ds [On the top left of the bottom screen.] Nintendo has also added the C stick from the New 3ds [on the top right of the bottom screen.] Nintendo has also added the ZL/ZR buttons next to the L/R buttons just like the New 3ds. It also has a touch screen.

Amiibo Support

I have good news for people that like Amiibos, the New 2ds has Amiibo support. That means you don’t need a NFC reader to use Amiibos.

Front View

Back View

Included in the Box

When u preorder the New 2ds these are the thing you’re gonna get

   The console                                                                                                                              The Stylus

           The Charger                                                                                                 4GB micro SD Card


6 AR Cards

Where to Preorder ?

You can buy it from Game Stop, Target, and Best Buy click here to preorder the New  2ds. The New 2ds is gonna be released at  7/28/2017

Time Unitil Nintendo 2ds realease


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