Far Cry 5 story, setting and more

New details have come out about Far Cry 5.  The game is gonna be released at 2.27.18, for the Pc, Xbox One, and Ps 4, click here to preorder Far Cry 5

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setting and story

The game is gonna be set at USA, Hope County, Montana, it is gonna be a western game. The story is about a group of people called the Project at Edens Gate  they believe  That Collapse is imminent, and only their merciless and manipulative leader, The Father [Joseph Seed], can save them. Their is a group that is fighting the “cult” it is called the resistance, the resistance want the old Hope Country back so they are doing anything they can to beat the “cult.”

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Their are 3 important characters [that we know of ] in the resistance.

The first character is called Jerome Jeffries or the pastor, after the Gulf War Jerome came back to Montana to work as the Catholic parish priest. Because of Projects at Eden’s Gate he lost his church and some people along the way, so he is ready to get his revenge.

The second character is called Nick Rye or the pilot. Nick unlike his father didn’t go to the air force. Nick’s dad pressured him to go but he refused, instead he chose to stay home with his wife. After years of farming Eden’s Gate is trying to throw him out. Because he want to stay he must fight off the cult.

The third character is called Marry May Fairgrave or the bar keeper. Marry and her family owned a bar called the Spread Eagle. After her parents died the bank foreclosed on her and sold the bar to Eden’s Gate for pennies. Her family legacy is in the hands of the cult, but she will not sit back anymore and watch them destroy it she want to beat the cult and take back the bar.

Weapons and vehicles

Ubisoft has only shown 6 weapons from the game. The 6 weapons are Baseball bat, AR-C, Dynamite, M1911 Pistol, Sledge Hammer, and D2 Shotgun. Their are also 3 cars that we know of. The 3 cars are Coup a classic muscle car, Tractor, and Cult pickup.

Game features

Ubisoft says that their are endless adventures the deeper you explore. Their is a new thing called resistance meter Far Cry 5’s dynamic AL tracks how you do in the game and alter their strategy against you. You will be able to play the game co-op. You will be able to hire guns hired fangs and the baddest arsenal this side of the Mississippi. If you need help just call the Resistance fighters from in town or from the backcountry, riverbeds, and blue skies of Hope County.



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