FIFA 18 Vs PES 2018 | What Is The Best Football Video Game to buy?

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FIFA 18 Vs PES 2018 | What Is The Best Football Video Game to buy?

‘FIFA 18’ Vs. ‘PES 2018’ | What Is The Best Football Video Game 2018?

EA Sports FIFA 18 and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 are both out now and here is the UltraGamerZ’s Poll

FIFA 2018 53 ( 62.35 % )
Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 32 ( 37.65 % )
In video game industry there are a lot of examples for competitive market for many genres like in FPS games like BF1 vs Ghost Recon VS call of duty and so on. But the Competition in the sports video games exists too and at the highest level soccer/world football is one of the hotest sports that has 2 main tittles available to fans Each year, EA Sports’ FIFA and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer.  It’s a score draw in the review stakes of course, with both games performing well in main features and some highlights for some: PES 2018 for its rich tactics and unpredictability, FIFA 18 for its great simulations of reality and smooth gameplay and glorious presentation. FIFA 18 and PES 2018 are both great football games, offering strong evolution over their last versions. But in therms of gameplay. FIFA 18 vs PES 2018  Gameplay, There’s no debate that both FIFA and PES have improved how the game plays, but what is also true is how FIFA 18 is significantly better than FIFA 17, while PES 2018 feels more little a subtle evolution over its predecessor. And not only UltragamerZ but many other review and news websites has mentioned that the FIFA 18 has superior gameplay than PES 2018 and a bit more fun. Konami did some nice job with MyClub in 2018, Adding in legends like Diego Maradona and Usain Bolt to the game. MyClub has the best player reveals of any collector mode in the genre but On the other hand the mode that offers the most content is EA FIFA Ultimate Team mode. EA games delivers a steady numbers of challenges, theme packs and cards to its gamers. Fifa also wins in character design and real look designs of faces and graphics. In many areas like players looks, graphics, gameplay and they are so close but overall UltragamerZ votes to Fifa 18. But it is still so close and the Myclub is also very interesting in Pes 2018. let us know what you prefer by voting above and in the comments. 
FIFA 18 is a football simulation video game in the FIFA series of video games, developed and published by Electronic Arts and was released worldwide on 29 September 2017 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Xbox. Initial release date: September 29, 2017, Engine: Frostbite 3 (PC, PS4, XOne); Impact (PS3, X360, NS), Genre: Sports game.  Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is a sports video game developed by PES Productions and published by Konami for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Initial release date: September 12, 2017, Engine: Fox Engine, Genre: Sports gameHere is A good Graphics comparison Of fifa 2018 and Pes 2018 from Zan OMG.

Here is A good Graphics comparison Of fifa 2018 and Pes 2018



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