First Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay reveal


First Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay reveal  at June 10

On June 10 at 12:30 PM PT Darth Maul and other heroes will be enter the battlefield [Theed] in a massive multiplayer battle.  AT-RT walkers race around corners being chased by ATTs. Clone troopers jump from roof top to roof top while B2 battle droids destroy everything in their way. Armies of Clones and Droids running around, their blasters destroying the peace of Naboo. In the center Rey and Maul fighting and killing troopers.

The doors of EA play will open at and YouTube stars and Twitch streamers will take their sits to get ready for battle. If you want to go then go to  Twitter and tell @EAStarWars why you love to play Star Wars to get a chance to win a ticket to go and play at EA play.

Want to know about  Star Wars battlefront 2’s story, setting, and multiplayer ? If yes click here. To read about one of the playable maps in Star Wars Battlefront 2 click here.

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