Huge Splatoon 2 update



Huge Splatoon 2 update

Splatoon 2 is getting a huge update 

splatoon 2


Nintendo revealed a lot of new Splatoon 2 content. A new map, a new weapon, and a new Salmon Run stage. 

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The new map

The new map is called The Manta Maria. The Manta Maria is a ship for ranked and TurfWars matches. The Manta Maria will come out on August 26th.


Image from Splatoon’s website

The new weapon

The new weapon is a Bubble Blower. The Bubble Blower can shoot up to 3 big bubbles.The bubbles will explode if you shoot them in your team’s ink, and you can kill your opponents by catching them in the bubbles splash zone. The bubbles will disappear if your enemies shoot them long enough, and you can use the bubble as protection. The first weapon set that will include the Bubble Blower is the Forge Splattershot pro. The Forge Splattershot pro will be available from September 2nd. 


Splatoon 2 gun

Image from Splatoon’s website

The new stage

The new Salmon run stage is called  Lost Outpost. The Outpost was abandoned because of rising sea level. The walls will block you from seeing your teammates, so you have to send signals like “This way.”

Splatoon 2 map

Image from Splatoon’s website



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