Nintendo switch specs

We all know about the Switch, But what we don’t know about is the specs. So I am gonna tell you all about it.

This are Nintendo Switch specs vs Xbox one.

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Feature Switch* Xbox One**
CPU: Clock speed 1020MHz 1,750MHz
GPU: Cores 256 Nvidia CUDA 768x AMD Shaders
GPU: Docked speed 768MHz 853MHz
GPU: Portable Mode 307.2MHz N/A

The  CPU Clock speed doesn’t change when your in docked mode But the GPU speed does, it goes from 768MHz to 307.2MHz When in portable mod.

The Switch might not have as much power as the Xbox one and the Ps4 but as Nintendo says “It’s all about the games.”I just hope the Switch would have a good 3rd partie support not like the Wii U.


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