Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds mobile game in development 

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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds mobile game in development 

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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds mobile game in development 

Tencent is developing PUBG Army Attack

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most successful games of 2017, and it hasn’t even left early access yet. PUBG has already bypassed 20+ million copies, and it’s consistently the number 1 game on Steam. Before a few weeks ago PUBG was available in China through Steam. The Chinese government didn’t approve of battle royal games, and they compared them to ancient arena fights. So there was a chance of PUBG getting banned, but after Tencent and Bluehole started working together, Tencent officially released PUBG in China. The Chinese version of PUBG is more suitable for the Chinese audience, and this version of PUBG is approved by the Chinese government. A few days ago we heard the PUBG is going to be ported to mobile and now we have more info about it. Apparently, Tencent is working on PUBG mobile games.

The first game that they are working on is called Army Attack. It looks like Army Attack is an arcade version of PUBG. Right now all we have is a trailer, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any info about the game. In the trailer we see people jumping out of a plane just like PUBG on the PC, but it seems a lot cooler than the PC version. There are cool moves such as backflips that players can do, and in this version of PUBG, there will be naval warfare. Gamers will be able to use boats with mounted machine guns, and we also see a warship. The trailer looks very good, and it made many gamers very excited. If Tencent can pull it off this game will probably become the most popular mobile game ever. It seems like PUBG Army Attack is getting developed by Timi Studio. Timi Studio is a Chinese company that developed hugely popular Honor of Kings. Tencent hasn’t said an official release date for Army Attack, but they have said that it will be launching in China first.

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