Rockstar giving away L.A Noire themed Xbox One X, PS 4 Pro, Switch, and PC

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Rockstar giving away L.A Noire themed Xbox One X, PS 4 Pro, Switch, and PC

Rockstar giving away L.A Noire themed Xbox One X, PS 4 Pro, Switch, and PC

You can win an L.A Noire themed consoleL.A Noire was released on May 17, 2011, for the PS 3, Windows, and the Xbox 360. L.A Noire‘s remastered version launched on November 14th, 2017 for the Xbox One, PS 4, and the Nintendo Switch. The PS 4, and the Xbox One version have improved graphics, and they come with the full game+ all of the DLC for $39.99. The Nintendo Switch version doesn’t run at 4k, and the graphics haven’t been improved a lot. The Nintendo Switch comes with the full game+ all DLC, but it costs $49.99. L.A Noire will run at 4K on the Xbox One X and 1080P on the regular Xbox One. On the PS 4, it will run at 1080P and 4K on the Ps 4 Pro. Well, you might want to play the remastered version of L.A Noire, or you want to get a one of a kind PC, Xbox One, PS 4, or Nintendo Switch.  From December 1 to December 7th you have a chance to enter the sweepstakes for a costume Xbox One X. The costume Xbox One X comes with a golden controller (the buttons are the same color as the regular Xbox One controller), and the console’s bottom portion is Gold colored, and the top is a classic black colored. It says L.A Noire in gold on top of a Golden shape taht’s on top of the Xbox One X. You can enter the PS 4 Pro sweepstake from December 8th until December 14th. The Dualshock 4’s touch is gold colored, and the bottom of the grip is gold colored too. It seems like the controllers behind will be gold colored. The console itself has the same shapes and writing as the Xbox One X. From December 15th until December 21st you can join the Nintendo Switch sweepstake. The Nintendo Switch itself will be black on the front and on the back there is a golden Rockstar logo. The Joy con’s behind will be Gold colored, and the right joy con will have a Rockstar logo on the bottom, and the A B X Y buttons are gold colored. The Switch dock will have the same shape as the Xbox One and PS 4. You can enter PC sweepstake from December 22 to December 28th. The PC looks like a tiny ITX PC, and it has a Golden Rockstar logo on the right side, a golden power button on the front, and on the top, it says L.A Noire in Gold. Click here to participate in the sweepstake. 

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Credit: Rockstar, L.A Noire

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