Sega and Atari Classic gets a realese date



Sega and Atari Classic gets a realese date

Sega and Atari Classic are both gonna be released at September 


Sega and Atari classic edition were announced a few weeks ago but we didn’t get a release date. The classic consoles just got release date. The  Sega Genesis Flashback and Atari Flashback 8 Gold are gonna be released at September 22. Both are gonna cost $80. The Genesis flashback will come with 85 games  and the Atari flashback will include 120 games. The Atari flashback portable will include 70 games, it will be released at September 1, and it will cost $60. The Sega Genesis ultimate portable will include 85 games, it will be released at September 1, and it will cost $60. download a list of all the games for Sega Genesis ultimate portable, Atari Flashback Portable, Atari Flashback 8, and Sega Genesis Flashback.


Both will support 720p HDMI and will include 2 wireless controllers. Players will also be able to use there old cartridges and will players will be able to use there old wired controllers. Games will also have pause/save/rewind features for all the games.





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