Switch sales higher then the Xbox One

Switch sales higher than the Xbox One

Switch sales are higher than Xbox One sales in the UK


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The Switch has been a very successful console, and it seems like the sales are not slowing down. The Switch is outselling the Xbox One in the UK


 Christopher Dring‏  Tweeted, “UK sales of Switch are slower compared with other markets. But doing ok. Currently ahead of Xbox One for the year [but well behind PS4.]

The Switch sells are nowhere near the PS 4 but it very impressive because the Switch was released on March 3, 2017, but it has caught up to the 2017 Xbox One sells. Nintendo would have been a lot higher if there wasn’t a Switch shortage. If Nintendo doesn’t fix the shortage problem by Christmas Switch would fall behind the Xbox One because Xbox One X will be released on November 7th.

Nintendos shortage issue could impact sales, and Xbox One X release will affect the sales further. PS 4 sales are very high, so the Siwthc probably will not reach it this year, but Nintendo will probably stay ahead of the Xbox One X.

Over all the Switch has been doing a lot better than the WII U. The Switch has already sold way more than the WII U sold in all of its life time. The Switch has better 3rd party support, not the best but way better than the Wii U. Company’s like Rockstar are making Switch games, but Ubisoft was one of the limited 3rd party companies on the WII U.



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