Alienware Alpha R2 From Dell A Tiny Powerful Gaming PC

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Alienware Alpha R2 From Dell A Tiny Powerful Gaming PC

The new Alienware Alpha R2, A faster and louder and stronger PC gaming

Is Alienware Alpha R2, The Tiny Powerful Gaming PC To Compete with XBOX One and PS4?

Dell Introduced the new Alienware Alpha R2 and it is coming very strong toward the gaming market. Alienware has been out there as a very unique and strong gaming platform in laptops and mobile PC gaming experience, but now Dell is trying to enter a slightly different area that is between PC and Consul gaming. Here is the introduction video Dell has recently released about the Alienware Alpha R2:

alienware alfa r2 dell current offer - Credit : Dell

alienware alpha r2 by dell – Credit : Dell

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vAlienware alpha r2 dell current offer - Credit : Dell

Alienware alpha r2 dell current offer – Credit : Dell



Alienware Alpha R2 Price, Specs, Pro and Cons

Dell is currently offering four models pricing from $549 to $999. The basic model has the I3 core series which is the basic version of the I-core family from Intel. The High-end version thought is offering the core I7 but a bit strangely from the 6th generation while now Intel just released the 8th Gen of Core I7 CPUs. Anyway the price range is a little questionable, The core I3 model that cost around $600 is a bit on the edge! You can for sure buy a PC with that money and still stay in I5 platform. maybe going for an I7 cost you even for entry I7 platforms, something around $800 with a mid-range GPU. But Alpha 2 basic model does not even offer a Strong graphics option that makes you want it. And it’s ram memory is as low as 4 gig, you could do much better than that by that money, even a entry gaming laptop would do better. But when it comes to the high-end option, It is interesting to see that everything is set for High-end gaming.


alienware alpha r2 dell current offer - Credit : Dell

Alienware alpha R2 dell current offer – Credit : Dell


Alienware alpha r2 Gaming Graphics benchmark, Basic VS High-end model Apha R2

Alienware has released this benchmark to compare the basic model and the high end model of Alienware alpha r2

Alienware alpha r2 dell current offer - Credit : Dell

Alienware alpha r2 dell gaming graphics benchmark – Credit : Dell

Of course not the highest end of PC gaming but because of the GTX 960 4gb, It can actually bring you much faster frame rates. If Alpha r2 is going to compete with anything in gaming hardware market it is the low & the mid-range mobile and laptop gaming. It is much more expensive than the consuls like XBOX and PS4. And Much less performance than the highest end of PC gaming both in desktop and mobile. Based on the price and configiuration can can say that dell is aming to fit Alpha r2 in low end mobile PC gaming and affordable laptops market.


Alienware Alpha r2 Future versions and upgrades!!!

Alpha R2 in future

Dell announced that in near future there will be more graphics option available to upgrade and choose. Probably from AMD Radeon series. Right now there is no readeon in current models all are made by Nvidia but with the rize of the new ryzen and Rx Vega from AMD you should wait and see what changes come to Alpha R2 in future models.

“With options for either an AMD Radeon R9 M470X GPU with 2GB DDR5 or NVIDIA GTX 960 with 4GB GDDR5, you’ll be more than ready to play games with higher settings and higher resolutions. On select modules, your graphics can be boosted even further with a Graphics Amplifier, taking your gameplay visuals to even more extremes.” Dell mentioned in their official website for Alpha r2


Upgrades Are welcome in Alienware Alpha R2

Dell also announced that the Alpha R2 is upgradable. Yes you can upgrade the CPU and The ram and the HDD nothing mentioned about the Graphics card that may be the mos concerning to gamers but based on the fact that Dell mentioned more graphics will be available for future Alpha R2, gamers can hope that also is going to happen.

“The Alienware Alpha is user accessible, so you can feel free to upgrade the CPU and RAM for better in-game performance and background application multitasking, as well as add hard drive space for more games.” Dell mentioned in their official website for Alpha r2



Dell’s Alienware Alpha R2 full Specs list (high-end model)

Alienware Alpha  $1,199.99  $999.99

 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 6700T
Windows 10 Home 64bit English
16GB DDR4 at 2133MHz – 1 DIMM

NVIDIA GeForce 960.

Market Value$1,199.99


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