Competing for $1 Million | ESL Pro League Finals, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Competing for $1 Million | ESL Pro League Finals, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

ESL Pro League Finals Compete for $1 Million, CS:GO

ESL Pro League teams are going to fight in league Finals and Compete for $1 Million in ESL Pro League Finals. If you play Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or known as CS:GO to millions of fans globally, when this game is played at its highest advanced level this is a game like no other. You can see the game at its best this week in the ESL Pro League finals, while 12 top teams face off in Odense, Denmark, at the ESL Pro League finals. The headshots may be digital But the stakes are very real. The prize pool is worth $1 million.

Tens of thousands of fans will watch the action live fight from Sparekassen Fyn Arena. Millions of the fans and even more will be watching it in the live stream. Twelve squads will be competing in this competition. Six from North America, and six more from Europe. Watch Nvidia’s video for the inside story on how this tournament will hollding next week, and a look at some of the competitors in the ESL Pro League finals. If you’re a seasoned CS:GO player or you are just interested and want to join the experience that has become very popular and now at its highest stakes, NVIDIA is offering you that if you grab an NVIDIA 10-series GeForce GTX GPU you can see the games in all its fullest.

This week begins the CSGO finals for the ESL Pro League. Streaming to millions from the Sparekassen Fyn Arena in Odense, Denmark, the pressure is high, and the competition is fierce. Utilizing GTX 1080-powered PCs, athletes will face off in the most exciting CSGO tournament finals in the world. Cheer on Luminonisty and your favorite CS:GO teams as they compete in the ESL Pro League for a chance to win a GeForce GTX 1080Ti.

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