DayZ is coming to PlayStation 4

DayZ is coming to PlayStation 4

DayZ is going to be released on the PlayStation 4

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DayZ has been in early access for a very long time and it’s lost a lot of popularity. Other games such as PUBG and DayZ’s problem caused the game’s player count to go down. Gamers do know that it’s going to leave early access and finally be released next year and we got news about DayZ Xbox One version and the release of DayZ but the developers didn’t talk about the PS 4 version of DayZ and that wasn’t good news for DayZ fans on the PS 4 but DayZ’s developers have talked about DayZ PS 4 version.

In a statement released to GameSpot by Bohemia Interactive said that we don’t have to worry about DayZ’s PS 4 version and it will be released in the future.  Bohemia Interactive said they are going to release DayZ for the PlayStation 4 but the problem is that there is no game preview on the PlayStation 4 but there is game preview on the Xbox One. Game Preview games are like early access games on Steam but they are available on the Xbox store. It seems like the only reason for DayZ not coming to the PS 4 with the Xbox One is the fact that there is no early access program in the PS 4. Bohemia Interactive said they have a partnership with Microsoft so that could be the reason why they aren’t going to release DayZ on the PS 4 at the same time as Xbox One and PC. PUBG has a partnership deal with Microsoft too and a few months ago we heard that Bluehole is in talks with Microsoft to extend PUBG’s exclusive deal on the Xbox One. A fan asked them on Twitter about cross-platform servers between PC and Xbox One. They replied that they haven’t decided if cross-platform servers will be available in DayZ. Another fan asked if DayZ will be released by the end of the year and Bohemia Interactive replied that they can’t promise. 

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