Costco’s Black Friday deals

Costco’s Black Friday deals

Costco’s Black Friday deals

Costco’s Black Friday deals are pretty good

Costco Black Friday deals


Last year we saw a lot of awesome deals on Black Friday and this year like all the other years. Costco might not have the best deals this year, but they are still pretty good. If you want to buy a PS 4 or Xbox One wait until Black Friday for really good deals on the consoles.

According to theblackfriday,  you will be able to get $100 off a PS 4 Slim 1TB, 1 controller, a copy of Call of Duty WW2, and a copy of Destiny 2 The bundle’s normal price is $389.99 so you will be able to get it for $289.99 on Black Friday on Costco’s website, people will not be able to buy more then three of this bundle. In Black Friday you can get a Xbox One S with 2 controllers, 3 months of Xbox game pass, NBA 2k18, and Madden 18 for 279.99. That’s a really good deal considering that a 500 GB Xbox One S costs $246 on Amazon and a 1TB PS 4 Slim costs $299 on Amazon.

A few days ago Kohl’s Black Friday deals were leaked. The Xbox One S 500 GB will cost $189.99 ($279.99 reg) and the PS4 1Tb version will cost $199.99 ($299.99 reg.) If you purchase the Xbox One you will get a $45 Kohl’s gift card, the PS4 comes with $60 Kohl’s credit. Both are Kohl’s doorbusters. Other offers are Xbox One S Halo Wars bundle+ 2 controllers+ $90 Khols credit (1TB) for $329. The Samsun 55in 4k ultra HD smart TV+ $150 Kohl’s credit for  $499.99 ($999.99 reg.) An Xbox One or PS 4 controller for $39.99.  Sega Genesis classic or Atari Flashback for $39.99 ($49.99.) Sony gold wireless headset for PS4/PS 3 for $69.99+ $15 Kohl’s credit ($99.99 reg), and a much more.

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