Get $50 off the PS 4 Pro

Get $50 off the PS 4 Pro

Get $50 off the PS 4 Pro

You can get $50 off the PS 4 Pro on Amazon

Most gamers hold off until Black Friday to buy a new shiny console or buy a bunch of games but Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over and Holiday deals aren’t here just yet so you might want to get a PS 4 Pro right now. Maybe you missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or maybe you couldn’t get a PS 4 Pro on Balck Friday while you’re in luck because Amazon will give you a $50 gift card if you trade in towards a PS 4 Pro

From now until January 31st, 2018 you can go to Amazon trade in and trade in a video game, accessory, or a console for a PS 4 Pro and you will get a $50 discount on the PS 4 Pro and a free Amazon gift card. There is a catch if you want to trade in something it has to be in Amazon’s trade-in store. To trade in a game, you have to answer a few questions about your game’s condition, and then you will receive a trade-in label. The shipping label will give you free shipping, and you have to drop off the package at any UPS store in 7 days. When the trade in is approved by Amazon, you will get an Amazon gift card (the amount of your trade-in) and $50 towards the purchase of a PS 4 Pro. Accessories must function properly, and they shouldn’t have a big crack, consoles works properly, has all the accessories that came with it, no cracks or big damages, and bundles must come with the game and accusers that they came with. If you want to trade in a game all disks must be in the box, the game must work correctly, and it shouldn’t have been problems. Right now if you trade in a gray Nintendo Switch Amazon will give you up to $61 and up to $192.20 for the colored version. You can get up to $113.21 for a Battlefield 1 Xbox One S bundle and up to $98.30 for the 1 TB PS 4 Slim.

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