IOS 11.3 beta 2 adds a big and important feature to IOS

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IOS 11.3 beta 2 adds a big and important feature to IOS

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IOS 11.3 beta 2 adds a big and important feature to IOS

The new update adds a very big feature

If you were on the internet a few weeks ago you probably know about all of the lawsuits. After people figured out that Apple is slowing down older iPhones on purpose without telling the consumers people were very mad at Apple so Apple promised to do something about this big problem. 

With the new IOS 11.3 beta 2 update Apple added a very new and important feature to iPhones. With the new update apple added a new feature to your battery settings called “Battery Health.” When you go inside the battery health settings the settings will show you the measure of your battery relative to when you bought your phone or got a new battery. In the settings you could also see if your device is getting throttled down. That means it will tell you if Apple is slowing down your iPhone so nothing bad happens like a fire or your battery exploding. Right now on my iPhone 6s that I purchased a month or two before the iPhone 7 came out it says that my phone isn’t getting throttled down at all and it says that the battery is 90% of its original performance. When you update your phone to IOS 11.3 all of Apple’s throttling will be disabled but if your phone shuts down randomly it will turn back on. If this is happening to you, you have to replace your phone to fix this problem. After Apple’s throttling feature was revealed Apple reduced the battery replacement cost to $29.99 instead of the original price of $79.99. 

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To download the new update you can head over to Apple’s beta website and get the developer profile. The developer profile that costs money is no different than the one that costs money the only difference is the fact that the one that costs money gets updates a few hours earlier than free users. Right now go to the website, sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program, and then download the beta profile. After you download the beta profile head over to the software update settings and download the IOS 11.3 beta 2.

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