New Battlefront 2 update out

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New Battlefront 2 update out

New Battlefront 2 update out

Battlefront 2 has a new update

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is one of the most controversial games of 2017. EA made many changes to Battlefront 2, but none of the changes satisfied gamers. Right now Battlefront 2 is under fire by Gamers because of pay to win but EA hasn’t given up on Star Wars Battlefront 2 yet, and they are trying to fix it. They have released a new update for Star Wars Battlefront 2. The new update changed the number of credits earned and the stuff in daily loot crates.

EA announced the new update on its official blog. The new update has made it a lot easier to earn credits and easier to get good stuff from daily loot crates. EA said when Battlefront 2 launched they were very excited, but they know that there are challenges along the way. EA says the changes in the new update are a tiny change towards a bigger change. The amount of credits earned at the end of a round has been increased especially for gamers that did well in the game. With the new update, you can earn three times more credits in a day in Arcade mode, and EA says many players have been reaching the maximum credits you can earn per match, so they increased it to 1500 credits. These changes are really going to help with getting new heroes, and it’s a good step towards making it possible to progress without buying crates. EA says they have increased the amount of crafting parts earned from daily loot crates. When you log in you will notice all of these big changes to Star Wars Battlefront 2. These changes are really going to help with getting to places without having to play for a very long time especially upgrading new weapons because before the update it was very hard to upgrade and craft new weapons.

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