PUBG Corp CEO: PUBG will never be a pay to win

PUBG Corp CEO: PUBG will never be a pay to win

PUBG will never have loot boxes that affect gameplay

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most popular games of 2017, and it has already sold 20+ million copies even though it hasn’t even been released yet. PUBG Corp has been showcasing PUBG’s new map and teasing its new weapon. Microtransactions and pay to win AAA games are one of the most popular gaming topics of 2017. Developers want more money, so they make their games pay to win, but this system always makes gamers hate their games. Battlefront 2 was the worst cases of pay to win in 2017, and EA lost billions just because of Battlefront 2. Almost every gamer dislikes pay to win and many gamers play PUBG. PUBG has loot boxes that give you cosmetics items so players thought that PUBG is going towards a pay to win system but it seems like those rumors aren’t true.

In a Q and A at G-Star Global Game Exhibition in Korea PUBG Corp’s CEO Changhan Kim talked about loot boxes and cosmetic items, but fortunately, he said that PUBG would never have a pay to win system. Kim said PUBG Corp would never add anything that changes the gameplay but a lot of gamers want cosmetic items, but their main goal is to launch PUBG so more cosmetic items will be added later on. Although PUBG’s loot boxes don’t affect gameplay gamers were mad at Bluehole for adding microtransactions to PUBG. Many gamers were saying that PUBG hasn’t even been released yet but they have already added loot boxes and many people were speculating that PUBG’s going towards a pay to win. 2 Days ago PUBG said that their new desert map and PUBG’s new gun would be available in the next round of test servers. We will get more info about PUBG’s next round of test servers in the future. The new map features a crashed plane that’s on fire, a military base, craters, and much more.

“As you may already know, we will never add anything that affects the gameplay. However, there is a relatively strong demand for cosmetic items. Since the official launch is our top priority, we plan on adding new items after that.”

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Credit: Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, Bluehole

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