New EA Access games available

New EA Access games available

New EA Access games available

EA Access has gotten many new games

2017 was a very bad year for EA not only money wise but also fan wise. EA lost a lot of money over pay to win systems in thier games and the fact that it took a very long time get anywhere in there games without buying in game money with reall money. Star Wars Battlefront 2 was the main cause of this problem. With doing some calculations a Reddit user realized that it will take a very long time to buy Luke Skywalker and Dart Vader. With doing a lot of math they figured out that on avarage gamers make 25.04 credits per minute in av avarage glactic assault match. So they found out that it will take 40 hours to earn 60,000 credits and buy Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader. So EA responded wuth reducing all Battlefront 2 hero costs by 75%. After the changes Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader cost 15,000 credits. After EA did this it still failed and they changed many more things after a while they had so much trouble that htey removed all microtransactions from Star Wars Battlefront 2 for a little while but they haven’t brought them back yet. In PC there is a service called Orin Access and in thier you can pay money to have access to many EA titiles for one year and they have a service just like that on the Xbox One.

Right now at EA access you can get BF 1, Mass Affect Andoromeda, Star Wars Battlefront, Titanfall 2, FIFA 17, NHL 17, Madden 17, UFC 2, Mirrors Edge Catalyst, Need for Speed, Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare 2, Unravel, NBA Live 16, FIFA 16, NHL 16, Dragon Age Inquisition, Madden 16, PGA Tour, BF Hardline, BF 4, NBA Live 15, Peggle 2, Titanfall, FIFA 15, NHL 15, Platns VS Zombies Garden Warfare, Madden 15, UFC, Madden 25, Need for Speed Rivals, BF 3, Mass Affect, Dead Space 3, Mass Affect, Bejeweled 3, SSX, Feeding Frenzy 2, Mass Affect, Dead Space 2, Dragon Age Origins, BF Bad Company 2, Dead Space Ignition, Skate 3, Mirrors Edge, Plants VS Zombies, Bejeweled  2, Zuma’s Revenge, Dead Space, BF Bad Company, Medal of Honor Airborne, Heavy Weapon, Feeding Frenzy, and Zuma.

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