New Streaming app might come to the Nintendo Switch

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New Streaming app might come to the Nintendo Switch

New Streaming app might come to the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch might be getting a new streaming app

2017 was a really good year for Nintendo. The Nintendo Switch sold 10 million units in only 9 months and it exceeded Nintendo’s expectations by a lot. Nintendo expected the Nintendo Switch sell a lot less then it did. Nintendo expected the Switch to sell only 8 million units in its facial year from April 2017 through March 2018. Nintendo needed these sales after Wii U‘s failure. The Wii U sold only 13.56 million units throughout its lifetime. The Nintendo Switch also became the fastest selling console in the United States. The Nintendo Switch sold faster than the Wii and the PS 2 the 6th and the best selling console ever. The Nintendo Switch got another achievement it became the product of the year so as you can see it did very well but it has something is missing from the Nintendo Switch. Something really important a streaming app. All the competition has streaming apps even the Wii U but the Nintendo Switch is the only console that doesn’t. Nintendo Switch did get Hulu on it but fans are still waiting for Netflix and YouTube. Well, the Nintendo Switch might be getting a new streaming app called Rainway.

Rainway doesn’t stream shows like Netflix and Hulu instead it streams video games like Twitch. Right now according to Rainway’s developer Rainway is finally going to be released and they released a trailer for the app. Although the Nintendo Switch isn’t on their official supported platforms list we see it in the trailer. In the trailer, we see the Nintendo Switch at 1:04 we see one person using their phone and the other 2 guys are playing on the Nintendo Switch. Rainway runs on anything with a web browser but the Switch doesn’t have a web browser. A Twitter user Ty Brown the devs have reached out to Nintendo and asked if they could release a Rainway app on the Nintendo Switch. 

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