New titanfall 2 DLC


New titanfall 2 DLC coming June 27

EA said that a new free DLC is gonna be released for titanfall 2, the DLC is  gonna be released at June 27th. The new DLC will bring 2 new maps called Traffic and War Games, a new execution called Shadow Boxing [Holo Pilot], a 3rd weapon slot for pilots, Titan Brawl will be added to the permanent list of game modes, Titan damage will now be shown instead of assists, a new featured mode called Free Agents, and Additional details for balance changes, and features, will be provided in the patch notes closer to launch.

Map: War Games

Pilots on the Frontier use simulator pods to train this map highlights Civilian shops, tall buildings for window to window fight, streets for Titan combat from the Battle of Angel City, and large Garage facility for hand to hand pilot combat from the Airbase Sierra. The out skirts of the map are a clean place for Titan and pilot combat.

Live Fire Map: Traffic

A crowded test site with a lot of cover for pilots to fight, with rooms for snipers.

Titanfall 2 gameplay





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