Player Unknowns Battlegrounds beats LOL in Twitch


Player Unknowns Battlegrounds beats LOL in Twitch

Battlegrounds has surpassed League of Legends in Twitch


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PUBG has just reached a new mile stone. Battlegrounds is doing REALLY well. The game hasn’t even been released yet, and PUBG has already sold over 7mil copies !!  IPUBG going to be the next big Game in gaming market? joining GTA, Far Cry, NFS and ect?


This week Player Unknowns Battlegrounds was able to surpass League of Legends in Twitch 2nd to Dota 2. 16.9mil hours of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has been watched this week, and people spent 15mil hours watching League of Legends. Right now Player Unknowns Battlegrounds is behind Dota with 30.6mil hours watched. I think Player Unknowns Battlegrounds will surpass Dota 2 because the game isn’t even available on any consoles and it hasn’t been released on PC yet.




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