Release of the new Intel Optane Memory and Gaming performance in PC Games

Intel Optane Memory has been released, promising performance increase in PC gaming

Your games can be performed much faster, Intel claims by release of the new Intel Optane memory technology

Increasing Gaming performance in PC Games is what PC Gamers care about and its seems it is what Intel in promising by the new Intel optane memories technology.


intel optain optane memory

Credit by Intel


 “Games and levels will load faster too – up to 67 percent faster game launch and up to 65 percent faster level load”

Intel claims.



How does the Optane memory actually work?

Intel  Optane  memory was announced in March 2017 and is now available to purchase at stores. “With the increased speed and responsiveness of Intel® Optane™ memory in a 7th Generation Intel Core processor-based system, users can do more with their system, without sacrificing the value and capacity of a hard disk drive.” Intel claimed in their website and news conferences. But how it actually is going to help and how does it work to increase performance? Intel has claimed repeatedly that “Games and levels will load faster too – up to 67 percent faster game launch and up to 65 percent faster level load”

Intel optane is actually is to work like a ram and temporary that bridges between hard-drive and data processes, the only difference is that it is not temporary. Optane holds to data and keeps is on so you do not even lose data like a loaded game if you turn off the PC or even just get out of the game. It learns how the data is being used and keeps the track of user behavior in data the user use. So it can be described as a ram that doe not really lose data and is not temporary.

Optane project code name is 3D XPoint and devised by Intel and Micron. The structure that is generally believed to use some kind of change in resistance to record data, but its performance characteristics and technical capabilities make it appealing for a wide range of applications and specially video games as the giant running apps with huge data loads. One of the most important characteristics of Optane is the capacity. its promising up to about 500 GB in near future. Imaging haming 500 GB of ram, thats dreamy and is very expensive not only because you have to buy a lot of ram but you also need a lot of power and very high end mother board and so on just to support such a large amount of ram memory.


intel optane performanceintel optane performance

Image credit: Intel


Intel’s Optane Memory modules can be thought as an alternative to solid-state storage with a solution that’s less expensive when you are packing your new gaming pc or trying to upgrade some parts. One of the most important areas that intel is aiming by this product is PC gaming with many gamers having to choose between fast (SSD) and capacious (HDD) storage solutions, but not able to get both without spending a small fortune. Actually one of the issues all PC gamers have while buy a new pc is how to come up with an economic and high performance storage option. its not only between SSD and HDD but also about RAM.  Techradar recently did a test and reported that the have about 50% less load time after turning off the game.


Wait times were reduced by 15%, while time loading a saved game state was brought down by a whopping 46%.




The Intel Optane has bought some time for the old HDDs to retire by this memory load boost. HDDs are for a long time set to  be out and anybody expect a price drop in SDDs market after that but not they may even linger around more cause many people that are going for low budget- high performance pc gaming can now realistically think about just upgrading to Optane for high performance and using a huge set of HDD for permanent storage.

Intel has had other forms of SSD caching befor optane, like Smart Response Technology (SRT), which utilized up to a 64GB SSD cache. One most importante issue with regular caching is that chaching requires having the data you’re accessing in the cache before it work , that means the first time you use an game or app it will usually feel like you’re going straight to a hard drive because you are and you will even with optane. But in optane its the system that starts to learn your usage patterns, critical and commonly used files end up in the faster cache and improve overall system responsiveness. It keep most used data, most used file, most used patterns games based on your behaviors so it is already loaded “WHEN YOU TRY IT AGAIN”. Optane has also moved from  SATA-based connectivity to a much faster M.2 x4 PCIe connection.

So you have your olad data you always use already loaded and ready to work with and it does not go away even when you turn your pc off. In some way it is like the new Ryzen technology by AMD in CPUs and processing. Ryzen also keeps track of behaviors, data loads and file and process results and analysis and makes them useful  when being used again. The AMD Ryzen Platform also is reported to reduce time load and Processing speed by about 40 %.



Intel Optane Availability for gamers

Intel Optane memory module is not only to bring fast performing data storage but also cheaper and more affordable options than ram and they are now out at 16GB (MSRP $44) and 32GB ($77) capacities. Some OEM systems with Intel® Optane™ memory already installed will be available later in the year. Intel has released a list of new requirements for a basic optane supporting system in Intel’s website: Optane requirements 




Here are some videos related to How Optane memory technology works:

Intel official video to introduce Intel optane structure:


More on difference between Intel optane and other memory technologies








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