SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY is not gonna be rated E !!


SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY is not gonna be rated E !!

SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY is gonna be the first Mario platformer that is not rated E !!

Super Mario Odyssey Rating

Every Super Mario game is rated E until now. Super Mario Odyssey is gonna be the first Mario game rated higher than E. We don’t know why but an E rated games sometimes include some mild violence of the cartoon or fantasy variety and a bare minimum of language. I don’t think Super Mario Odyssey is gonna get a T rating. I expect Super Mario Odyssey to get an E 10+ rating. The E 10+ rating is for games that contain some objectionable content, but not enough to warrant a rating of T. These games include a slightly more pervasive cartoon or fantasy violence, some mild language, and minimal suggestive themes. Super Mario Odyssey is gonna be released on October 27, 2017, for the Nintendo Switch.




Super Mario Odyssey Is Rated Higher Than E – IGN News

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