is GTA V and Red Dead 2 coming to the Switch ???


is GTA V and Red Dead 2 coming to the Switch ??? 

Strauss Zelnick [Take-Two’s CEO] said the Switch would have “great sales.” and they are optimistic about it.


When the Nintendo Switch was released, Take-Two stated that they would support it. It seems like they weren’t lying because they are going to release two games on the Switch, but Take-Two hasn’t talked about Switch ports of GTA V and Red Dead 2.

In an investor call, Zelnick said Take-Two would continue to support the Nintendo Switch. Zelnick stated Take-Two is optimistic about Switch’s future, but he didn’t talk about a Switch port of GTA V. Hardware shouldn’t be an issue regarding that the Xbox 360 can run GTA V.

He didn’t talk about a Switch version of Red Dead 2. Red Dead 2 might not come to the Switch because of hardware constraints. 

Take-Two is going to release NBA 2K18 and WWE 2K18 on the Switch. That means there is more chance of GTA V Switch then there was the possibility of GTA V WII U.



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