Is it still worth it to buy a PC

Is it still worth it to buy a PC


Is it still worth it to buy a PC

Should people purchase a PC with the Xbox One X coming?

Xbox One X Vs PC


What people want to know is it worth it to purchase a PC ?? I mean a $500 4k console is coming. Today we are going to compare a 4k gaming PC to the Xbox One X.A PC that runs every game at 4k ultra 60fps costs A LOT of money. The Xbox One X is not going to run every game at actual 4k. It will run most games at 1080p ultra 60 or 30 FPS. So I am not going to compare PC that runs every game at 4k ultra 60fps to the Xbox One X. 

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How much is a 4k PC

My PC costs $1322.03 my specs are: Gtx 1070 gaming x, Core I 7 7700k, Z270 gaming pro mobo, and 16gb of ram. SkuezTech benchmarked a PC with similar specs to me, and this is what he/she got [all the games are at ultra settings and 4k] Overwatch: 72 FPS, Witcher 3 [HairWorks off]: 42 FPS, Star Wars Battlefront: 40 FPS, Far Cry Primal: 27, Ashes of singularity: 48 FPS, Rise of the Tomb Raider: 39 FPS, The Division: 30 FPS, and Doom: 44 FPS. The Gtx 1070 can handle games at 4k ultra. Now we are going to try to make the price lower. Instead of an 850w power supply, we can buy a 600w power supply that will reduce our price to $1257.15. Instead of buying an I7 7700k we can get an I5 7600 that will barely affect our PCs performance. Our price will drop to $1158.65. Instead of the Z270 gaming pro mobo, we can get GIGABYTE GA B250M motherboard also we wouldn’t need a Cpu fan because the I57600 comes with a fan. Now our price is $1041.66. Instead of 16gb of ram, we can get 8gb because 16gb isn’t needed for gaming. Now our price is $974.46. The case, HDD, and the power supply are pretty good, so our finale price is $974.46. Click here to see the PC on part picker.


How does the Xbox One X hold up against the beast PC?

I think that the PC is stronger than the Xbox One X considering that it has been confirmed that the Xbox One X isn’t going to run 3rd party games at real 4k, and some games like Ark Survival Evolved will run at 1080p and Killing Floor 2 is going to run at 1800p. According to the benchmarks that Microsoft reviled, Xbox One X ran 1st party games like Gears of War 4 at 4k and got 38 FPS and  Forza 7 at 4k 91 FPS. Star Wars Battlefront ran at 38 FPS on 4k, but a PC that is very similar to ours runs the game at 4k Ultra 40-50 FPS average, but on gears of war four our PC got the same results as the Xbox One X.



Xbox One X is very powerful, but it wouldn’t run every game at 4k. In my opinion, it is worth it to buy a PC, because in the long run you will pay less and you can upgrade your PC when ever you want. I mean in 2-3 years we are probably going to see Xbox One X crusher PCs videos on YouTube. When that happens, a PC owner that bought their PC in 2017 can just get a better GPU, or get the same GPU and run it on SLI but a person that bought an Xbox One X has to wait for the next Xbox to come out or spend $500 to get new a PC.

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