AMD vs NVIDIA In High-End Laptop Graphics | Benchmarks GTX 1080 vs Radeon 580

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AMD vs NVIDIA In High-End Laptop Graphics | Benchmarks GTX 1080 vs Radeon 580

AMD vs NVIDIA In High-End Laptop Graphics | Benchmarks GTX 1080 vs Radeon 580

Now Nvidia and AMD both has got to the end of timeline of their current graphics architectures. That mans we will not be seeing any new 500 series radeon or any new gtx 10 geforce series graphics cards. Both companies are moving to the new 12nm technology in 2018 and both are expected to introduce new graphic card lines and architectures in early 2018 probably in CES 2018. Just before going to 2018 we decided to bring the highest end of graphic cards from both companies and compare the benchmarks to see how they finishing the current graphic architectures. AMD’s highest end in Mobile graphics is radeon rx 580 that can be found in the AMD version of  Asus ROG series that was recently released by ASUS. The Highest Nvidia series is the famous GTX 1080 that can be found in many laptops out there.

It is useful to mention that the radeon rx 580 was not meant to compete with gtx 1080 and the main competitor for that both in price range and performance range is the popular gaming graphics GTX 1060. Rx 580 is not actually in many laptops like 1080 is but as the highest end of amd graphics here are the benchmarks for both graphic cards:

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NVIDIA GTX 1080 by Architecture: Pascal
Core Speed 1566 – 1733 (Boost) MHz, Memory Speed 10000 MHz, Memory Bus Width 256 Bit, Memory Type GDDR5X, Max. Amount of Memory 8192 MB

Radeon RX 580 by Architecture: Polaris
Compute Units: 36 Boost Frequency: Up to 1340 MHz Base Frequency: Up to 1257 MHz Stream Processors: 2304

Benchmarks for graphics AMD Radeon rx 580 and NVIDIA GTX 1080 (GPU Benchmarks)

Based on the benchmarks made by Notbookcheck the result of the highest-end graphics for AMD and Nvidia as follows. Graphics Benchmarks:

  • 3DMark – Time Spy Score 2560×1440 :  AMD Radeon RX 580  3696 vs NVIDIA GTX 1080  Points  6563
  • 3DMark 11 – Performance 1280×720  :  AMD Radeon RX 580   13320 points  vs NVIDIA GTX 1080 19769
  • 3DMark 11 – Performance GPU 1280×720 :  AMD Radeon RX 580  15264 points  vs NVIDIA GTX 1080 28458
  • Cinebench R11.5 – OpenGL 64Bit : AMD Radeon RX 580   84.5  Points  vs  NVIDIA GTX 1080 79.9
  • Cinebench R15 – OpenGL 64Bit : AMD Radeon RX 580   107.6 Points   vs  NVIDIA GTX 1080 122.7
  • DIRT 4 : (580): low 1280×720 220 fps + med. 1920×1080  148 fps +  high 1920×1080  98.5 fps + ultra 1920×1080  57.7 fps  VS  (1080): high 1920×1080  167  fps + ultra 1920×1080  98 fps +  3840×2160 59 fps
  • Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) 2017 : (580): low 1280×720   110 fps +   1920×1080  69.1 fps +   high 1920×1080  57.1 fps +   ultra 1920×1080  40.5 fps +  3840×2160  14.3 fps  VS (1080): high 1920×1080 113 fps +   ultra 1920×1080 89 fps +  3840×2160  33 fps 

Its clear that GTX 1080 dominates and nobody is going to dispute that but in the very different price range AMD is actually doing a good job of keeping up with high frame rates in higher resolution and keeping a very small gap with 5 to 15 frame rate difference with 1080 in 4k resolutions. the fact that AMD has not offered any stronger graphics in mobile and did not bring the RX vega series to laptop gaming but still keeping up the performance as an acceptable gaming performance is a good news for AMD. On the other hand Nvidia has introduced some untouchable graphics like 1070 and 1080 that are not really in competition with amd and stantind safe at the top. But again if you are looking for a value high end graphics you stil might be considering AMD as an option.

Benchmarks for graphics Radeon rx 580 on GL702ZC (GPU Benchmarks)

Benchmarks for graphics Radeon rx 580 on GL702ZC (GPU Benchmarks) by notbookcheck

8-core Ryzen And AMD Radeon RX 580 credit by

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