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Avatar for gaming

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The online gaming community is one of the largest communities online – people from various ages as young as kindergarten to as old as you can see are there to play the latest game. Some of the famous online gaming community is the Gardena, Steam and many more. There are also virtual online gaming communities that existed which have their own base for communication and checks on updates, cracks etc. People from all over the world gather here for many reasons apart from playing games, they also chat around, meet new friends through games, exchange updates and items from the games and many more. It could be female and male, we’ll never know. We can only guess by their profiles though many choose to hide their identity. Online gamers would usually use a nickname and do not use their own pictures as their profile id. They would prefer to remain mysterious so that it would be more fun – unless you are professional gamers who made money through online streaming and joining the competitions.

Avatar for gaming

Avatar for gaming, credit by AvatarMaker.com

Have you heard of theAvatarMaker.com? It is a free online web tool where you can create your own Avatar. This web tool is definitely free and can be used anytime, anywhere and by anyone. No software download is required. Why we are talking about this? Well, theAvatarMaker.com can help these online gamers to create their own unique identity. They can hide their real face but at the same time gives hint on how they may look like in real life through their usage of avatar as their profile picture. Why? Because the avatar can be made in few simple steps can you can do it exactly like your own version of cartoon. If you haven’t heard of the word “avatar”, it is actually the cartoon version of yourself. People normally use it as their icon for iM or back then, when Yahoo Messenger was popular, everyone was dying to use and create avatar. It’s like having your own version of cartoon.

First, simply go to theAvatarMaker.com. No signup or registration is required and it is definitely free of charge. You can start by choosing the gender of your avatar, the choose the shape of your face. There are 15 shapes of face that can be chosen – you will definitely find one that look like yours. The skin colors can be chosen as well, from wide range of shades that will satisfy you. As for the eyes, it is divided into four categories – eye shape, iris, eyebrows and the options to choose glasses. You can set your eye colors and eyebrows colors as well. You can choose your hairstyles, from short, medium to long hair with few hair colors that can be chosen there. Then, choose your outfits to match your style before choosing the background of your avatar. It can be plain, with stars or even one with love background – can be set to your favorite colors as well. The last step is to save it and download it into your devices and upload it as your online gaming profile pictures.


How is theAvatarMaker.com useful for online gamers? Well, it will hide your true identity and make people guess your real self. People will be left wondering whether you do look like the avatar or not. Next, you don’t have to pay extra money just to buy the avatar provided in online gaming community – all you have to do is create your own avatars and you will like the end results. These avatars can be done again and again as it is free, hence you can always have fun changing your online profile according to your mood. If you are in lovey dovey mood, you can change your avatar background to love one, and if you’re feeling out of the mood, you can always go back to the plain one. TheAvatarMaker.com is so useful for online gamers as the true identity can be kept hidden and no one will know about you but will get a hint about how you may look like – a rocker, nerd or you could end up playing with your own boss at work and still, he or she didn’t know you. That is why, an avatar of yourself will make you the coolest gamer and people would be eager to know more about you.

Though there are lots of online websites that can create an avatar for you, theAvatarMaker.com is one of the best because it is free, simple and easy to be used. The fact that it does not require any software download is already a relief as sometimes, some software applications would used too much of your memory or ram and will make your devices becomes slower and some might even come with virus that would damage your software.






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