Borderlands dev reveals new game

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Borderlands dev reveals new game


Borderlands dev reveals new game

Gearbox [Borderlands dev] announced a game called Project 1v1.


After so long Gearbox has finally announced a game. Sadly it will not be another Borderlands game.  Project 1v1 is the code name for Gearbox’s secret game. Project 1v1 is gonna be a “first-person shooter that combines the action of fast-paced 1v1 first-person combat with the metagame strategy of a collectible card game.” 

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project 1v1 will have a “short Closed Technical Test this summer.” A few players will be able to test the game and give feedback to Gearbox. Anyone is allowed to signup for a chance to participate in the test. Click here to sign up and have an opportunity to take part in the test. The test will feature three modes: Ranked, Challenge, and Arena. In Ranked mode players get matched with opponents based on player rating. In challenge mode, players can fight a friend in a unranked match. In Arena mode, players will “Queue up to challenge the current Arena champion – and win to take their place.”




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