DOOM Switch Update fixes Audio problems and menu fixes

/, nintendo/DOOM Switch Update fixes Audio problems and menu fixes

DOOM Switch Update fixes Audio problems and menu fixes

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DOOM Switch Update fixes Audio problems and menu fixes

The new DOOM Switch update will fix many issues

2017 was a very good year for the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch sold 10 million units in only 9 months exceeding Nintendo’s expectations by a few million units. The Nintendo Wii U and the Wii had a very big problem. Those consoles had very bad third party support. The Wii U was supposed to have third-party support from a few companies but in the end only 2 companies were supporting the Wii U Ubisoft and EA. Thier game’s on the Wii U had many problems the games didn’t have many features that the Xbox One, PC, and PS 4 versions had. Many thought that the Nintendo Switch third party support will be like the Wii U but they were wrong. Many games were released on the Nintendo Switch by third-party developers. One of those games is Bethesda’s DOOM. Considering that DOOM is running on a very weak console it performs very well. DOOM still has many problems on the Switch so Bethesda has released a patch that fixes many issues on the Switch.

DOOM‘s official Twitter account Tweeted, “We’ll be releasing an upcoming patch for #DOOM on #NintendoSwitch this month. We’ll provide full patch notes – covering audio issues, menu fixes, and more – as we get closer to release.” DOOM on the Nintendo Switch has had audio issues for a long time. A Reddit user asked about DOOM’s audio glitch on the Nintendo Switch 2 months ago from the writing of this article. Apparently, the audio glitch causes the audio to cut out while playing the game on the Nintendo Switch.  

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DOOM 2016 was originally released on May 13, 2016 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 10, 2017 DOOM was released for the Nintendo Switch and it was priced at $59.99. DOOM on the Nintendo Switch runs at 720p 30fps. That disappointed some fans because DOOM is a fast-paced game and it runs at 60 FPS even on the Xbox One and PS 4. DOOM on the Nintendo Switch wasn’t able to run at a fix 30 FPS at all times. Sometimes it dips below 30 FPS if there are a lot of enemies.

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