Next Battlefield game confirmed


Next Battlefield game confirmed

EA’s ceo has confirmed that the next Battlefield game is gonna be released at 2018 


In EA’s investor call company CEO Andrew Wilson said the “next great game in the Battlefield franchise will be released in 2018.” That makes sense because Battlefield 1 was a huge success and when Call of Duty WW2 comes out I think Battlefield 1 will start to die down. EA has said that StarWars Battlefront 2 is for closing the gap between BF1 and the next BF game. So BF 5 is defiantly coming at 2018.




According to The CEO, the new BF game is going to be the “richest Battlefield experience” yet, although that shouldn’t be taken too literal given that we have no idea what the game will be like at launch and companies like to heat up the air before something new comes up to prepare the market.   Anyway, the focus on the next BF game is already as mentioned is “advancing” at the same time new DLCs are being released for the Battlefield One. EA increased their Premium features and has improved the interfaces but we also see a huge decrease in gamers interest in playing more Battlefield one while are trying hard to keep it interesting. Maybe its time to go for the next Battlefield in 2018



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