Samsung GDDR6 Memory In Nvidia Volta Gaming Graphic Cards


The Award Winning Samsung GDDR6 Memory In Nvidia Volta Gaming Graphic Cards

Samsung GDDR6 memory that just received the CES 2018 innovation award could Be Used In NVIDIA Volta Gaming graphics

Samsung GDDR6 memory that just received the CES 2018 innovation award has crazy 16 Gbps Transfer Speeds and Samsung officially mentioned making lowest-power DRAM for next gen of their products. The 16Gb GDDR6 DRAM is already there. With a transfer rate of 16Gbps, the DRAM will be able to pump out 64 GB/s bandwidth  and this memory operates at just 1.35V.

Samsung 16Gb GDDR6 Memory – The fastest and lowest-power DRAM for next generation, graphics-intensive applications. It processes images and video at 16Gbps with 64GB/s data I/O bandwidth, which is equivalent to transferring approximately 12 full-HD DVDs (5GB equivalent) per second. The new DRAM can operate at 1.35 volts, offering further advantages over today’s graphics memory that uses 1.5V at only 8Gbps. via Samsung

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Comparing to GDDR5 DRAM that is currently being used, we have increased in both bandwidth and transfer speeds (8Gbps vs 16 Gbps) at lower power consumption (1.5V vs 1.35V). The GDDR5 can reach up to 9 Gbps as seen in NVIDIA GTX 1060 faster memory variants.  But the potential user GDDR6 Memory. NVIDIA is the first thing that come to mind, NVIDIA Volta consumer GPUs have not made it yet to the market and is not going to in 2017, but some believe that it might hit the market in early 2018 as AMD releases the next gen of RX VEga graphics. Nvidia Volta it thought to have GDDR6. Micron and Samsung have been key partners in providing NVIDIA with DRAM offerings. NVIDIA remains to be the only one who utilized their G5X memory standard and may continue Volta and GDDR6. Samsung’s HBM2 technology was a key enabler for Volta-based Tesla V100 GPUs which started shipping to customers in the previous quarter. Tesla V100 is used on servers is called by Nvidia as the most powerful graphic architecture ever made.

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