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GTA Online Gunrunning


GTA Online Gunrunning

Gta Online Gunrunning’s trailer has been released. The trailer shows the new armored cars and the upgraded Duke of Death. The DLC is gonna be released at June looks like players will be able to steal weapons and sell them. It is kind of like the car Export and Import DLC, but instead of exporting and importing cars players export and import weapons.


3 new vehicles

The new Duke of Death

The bunker

A car entering the bunker

A new motorcycle that can shoot missiles and can jump.

Watch Gta Online Gunrunning DLC’s trailer 


GTA Online: Gunrunning Trailer

Red Dead 2 trailer.

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Bully 2 new rumors


Bully 2 rumors.

A admin in Gta forums  [Yan2295] said this in the forums “Bully 2 is indeed in development and is supposed to be the next game after RDR2.” So according to him Bully 2 is gonna be released after Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar has not said anything about Bully 2.  The game is probably not gonna be released for a long time. The game is probably gonna be released on Project Scorpio, Pc, and the next Play Station console. Do u think is their going to be a Bully 2. Do u think Bully 2 is even gonna exists. Tell us on our Face book page or the comment section.


Bully 1 trailer

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Gta online tiny racers dlc


Rockstar is release a new racing dlc.

Rockstar is gonna release a new racing dlc for Gta 5 at April 25th. The new dlc looks and sounds very cool. Their are gonna be power ups that you can pick up that will turn your car to a motorcycle or give your car wepons, speed boost and much more.

If you watched the trailer you saw what I am talking about. It looks awesome. If you like to race and destroy [Mayby get destroyed.] other people cars than this dlc is for you. Do you like the new dlc ? Do u think the dlc is gonna be good ? Tell us on our comment section or our Facebook page.