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GTA 6 is in development !!

GTA VI logo


GTA 6 is in development !!

An actor has listed motion capture work for Gta 6 on his resume 

GTA VI logo


Almost every gamer is waiting for Rock Star to announce a new GTA game. Rock Star has been very quiet about GTA 6 and we haven’t seen any thing about the game until now. Tim Neff [an actor] claims to have worked on GTA VI and Red Dead 2 motion capture on his resume. It is obvious that Rock Star is gonna make a new GTA game seeing how well GTA V did. This is the first time we have seen evidence of GTA VI. I just hope GTA VI will be good and I hope it will launch on PC. Remember that this might be fake because Tim Neff didn’t give evidence or we don’t know about the evidence he gave.




Actor Lists Grand Theft Auto 6 Motion Capture Work On Resume – IGN News


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Gta online tiny racers dlc


Rockstar is release a new racing dlc.

Rockstar is gonna release a new racing dlc for Gta 5 at April 25th. The new dlc looks and sounds very cool. Their are gonna be power ups that you can pick up that will turn your car to a motorcycle or give your car wepons, speed boost and much more.

If you watched the trailer you saw what I am talking about. It looks awesome. If you like to race and destroy [Mayby get destroyed.] other people cars than this dlc is for you. Do you like the new dlc ? Do u think the dlc is gonna be good ? Tell us on our comment section or our Facebook page.