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Breath of the wild is gonna get a multiplayer mode


Breath of the wild is gonna get a multiplayer mode 

A group of modders made a multiplayer mode for Breath of the Wild on the PC

The good news is that it is going to happen soon, Sadly the mod isn’t available yet, but if Nintendo doesn’t stop it people would be able to play Zelda Breath of the Wild co-op on PC using a Wii U emulator. The REGNR8 community posted the screen shot above to prove that the mod is real.

The mod is probably gonna be ready in 1+ years. Don’t expect it to be playable in a month.

Zelda is an incredible solo gaming experience, allowing players to enjoy a world all by themselves without having to deal with the nuisance of other players running around, or avoiding some tacked-on multiplayer. On the other, in its own unique way, Zelda can be a really social game due to its exploration nature, whether that’s with real life friends or fellow internet fans. It’s been a really fantastic experience. We have to wait and see the mod is probably ready in 1+ years. Don’t expect it to be playable in a month or two.



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A Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Art Book is gonna be realsed


A Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Art Book 

Nintendo posted this image via Twitter

The 3rd Zelda art book is gonna be about Zelda: Breath Of The Wild only and it is gonna be realsed for the Wii U and the Switch. Nintendo didn’t say anything about the release date. One of the images shows Zora prince, Sidon [ the early sketches look much different from the one that appeared in the game.] The other image shows the concept art for King Dorephan. In the side of one of the images we can also see a background column [in Japenes.]




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Breath of the Wild’s 2nd DLC will give us a more detiled look inside Zelda’s world


Nintendo of Europe Tweeted a 17 sec video of the next Breath of the Wild DLC. The development footage is a bunch of cut scene from the DLC. These scene show how hard it was for the Prince of Hyrule to head up to the Champions of Hyrule. 

The DLC is expected to focus on the Champions Urbosa, Mipha, Daruk, and Revali with Link chief among them. Nintendo hasn’t given a release date for the 2nd DLC but it is expected to be released around the holiday season. People that bought The season pass will get this DLC for free.




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Super Nintendo entertainment system classic edition announced.


Super Nintendo entertainment system classic edition coming sept 29

The SNES is gonna be released Sept 29 this year and it is gonna cost $79.99. The console will include 2 wired controllers and 21 games. The console comes with Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, The Legend Of Zelda a Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Donkey Kong country, Star Fox 2, and more. Don’t remember Star Fox 2 ? That is because Star Fox 2 was never released so the only way to play Star Fox 2 is buying the SNES classic edition. The SNES classic edition is not available for preorder yet. Subscribe to our new letter for more Nintendo and gaming news.

Zelda On Mobile ?!?!?!?


Nintendo is going make Zelda for phones ?!?!

Their is a rumor that Nintendo is making a Zelda game for IOS and android. A wall street journal reported that Nintendo is developing a new mobile game and it is gonna come out after the mobile version of Animal Crossing, Animal crossing is gonna come out sometime  this year. Remember that this is a rumor and it might be false. That is all we know, we don’t know if the game is gonna be 3d or 2d. We don’t know if the game is gonna be related to Zelda Breath Of The Wild.






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