Splatoon 2’s next splatfest is starting at August


Splatoon 2’s next splatfest is starting at August

In a Splatfest Splatoon 2 players divided into 2 teams, in this case, mayo and ketchup. The team that wins gets rewards. The Splatfest is going to start in the first week of August in Europe and North America. 



The winning team will get snails. The higher your rank in the splatfest the more snails you will get and if your team wins you will get additional snails.


Splatfest is a feature from Splatoon 1. Every splatfest will have 2 teams for players to choose. One of the splatfests in Spaltoon 1 was Patric vs Spongebob. Splatfests are done regularly and they are very fun. 



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Breath of the Wild’s 2nd DLC will give us a more detiled look inside Zelda’s world


Nintendo of Europe Tweeted a 17 sec video of the next Breath of the Wild DLC. The development footage is a bunch of cut scene from the DLC. These scene show how hard it was for the Prince of Hyrule to head up to the Champions of Hyrule. 

The DLC is expected to focus on the Champions Urbosa, Mipha, Daruk, and Revali with Link chief among them. Nintendo hasn’t given a release date for the 2nd DLC but it is expected to be released around the holiday season. People that bought The season pass will get this DLC for free.




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Arms New DLC


The next DLC for Arms will be released next month

Arms next DLC will be released next month. The next DLC will include Max Brass and the game will also get a spectator mode like the one used in the Arms tournament. The DLC is free.  Max Brass trait allows him to not flinch if he gets attacked when his arms are charged up. Other characters like  Master Mummy have this trait but he uses it when ever he is charged up. He also gets permanently charged arms when his health is below 20%.  Click here to buy the game.

ARMS – Demonstration




Super Mario Odyssey has local co-op


Nintendo showed Super Mario Odyssey’s co-op

2nd players will be able to play as Mario’s hat Cappy. Cappy can protect Mario from enemies because he is invincible, Cappy can attack enemies, and he can collect coins. In one part of the video Mario was carrying something so he couldn’t attack enemies but Cappy was protecting him.

Super Mario Odyssey is gonna be released at October 27 and it is gonna cost $59.99. Click here to preorder it.



Super Mario Odyssey – Co-Op Demonstration – Nintendo E3 2017