AMD’s Future and Artificial Intelligence AI

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AMD’s Future and Artificial Intelligence AI

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AMD’s Future and Artificial Intelligence AI

AMD’s products lines in the artificial intelligence (AI) market provide huge opportunities for AMD to grow. AMD stock may be undervalued on a revenue basis, with substantial upside. AMD’s future is tied up with how they perform in AI though. In an earlier report we discussed how by capturing only 10% of AI market AMD can increase its value up to 50% till 2020. Now industries are becoming revolutionized by AI and machine learning approach. AMD is one of the key players in the game an can increase its effective market like what it did in SC17 an attracted many huge brands like AMAZON, Microsoft, ASUS and BIADO. Investment in AMD is not investing in the past accomplishments you trust like apple, its an investment in bright path to exponential growth of technology in the coming years which you have seen the traces in 2017. AMD’s ZEN platforms in 2017 has been so uniquely entered the market that was dominated with Intel and Nvidia. Specially the Datacenters and AI. AMD’s Epyc CPUs and Instinct GPUs have potential to grow AMD into the Intel and Nvidia Nightmare.   |   Artificial Intelligence  |  The potential of artificial intelligence is beyond anything that anybody can estimate right now, we can not even say in what areas AI will be used or not very clearly, It can be anywhere. It is an applications across various industries and could allow AMD to diversify their customer base, and serve a multitude of markets.

A study by Tractica Research forecasted done in 2017 about artificial intelligence and it mentioned how it can be generating over $50 billion worldwide by the year 2025.  AMD has an important role in the growing AI market especially by the advantages they have over Intel and Nvidia. One of the advantages is that after buying ATI, AMD has one foot in graphics market and one foot in CPU markets. Amd has been focused many years in gaming and PC market and they are very important not with products like AMD EPYC CPUs and AMD INSTINCT GPUs, Amd can elevate their game in othe markets like AI, Datacenters and Commercial markets. These are areas that are dominated buy Intel XEON, NVIDIA Tesla and NVIDIA QUADRO products.

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Source: Tractica ResearchSource: Tractica Research

Tractica Research, AI market 2016-2025

Self-driving and smart and smarter cars and transportation are a great example of AI making its way into very diverse paths in our life. This is the area NVIDIA is working on so much. They just released their products working with The AUDI A8 and Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo accompanied by “Care” by VOLOVO and Cameo by TESLA in this list.  Autonomous vehicles also have become increasingly wanted by the market, with manufacturers like Tesla (TSLA) being famous for their autopilot features and General Motors (GM) movement into the market too. Everybody now believe AI will drive a large portion of sales years down the road in vast verity of products and services. AMD like NVIDIA and INTEL is and should be focusing on capturing more and more of this market.

Tesla teams up with AMD to develop its own AI car

Tesla teams up with AMD to develop its own AI car – Credit BY Tesla

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