Final specs of the most powerful console ever released !!!

Microsoft has invited DigitalFoundry to see a prototype of project Scorpio and to see the specs.


ArchitectureCore CountFrequancyL2 Cache
Project Scorpio

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Custom x86 [Jaguar Evolved] 82.3GHz4mb
Xbox oneCustom Jaguar x8681.75GHz4mb
Ps 4 proCustom Jaguar x8682.1GHz4mb


PS4 proXbox one Project Scorpio
Compute units361240
Core clock 911MHz835MHz1172MHz
Compute power 4.2 [TF]1.31 [TF]6 [TF]

Project Scorpio has 12GB of GDDR5 ram vs Xbox one/Xbox one s 8GB  DDr3 ram or PS4 pros 8GB of GDDR5 ram . But Microsoft still hasn’t switched to ssd :[. It also has a 4k UHD Blueray drive .

This picture is Forza ported from Xbox One to Project Scorpio. The game plays at ultra  pc 4k %50 resolution scale  60 Fps but the GPU is at 66.19% load.

Project Scorpio is really the most powerful console ever.  But I don’t think it can play a game like Bf1 ultra 4k 60 Fps. Even a Gtx 1070 and I7 7700k can’t get  60 fps on ultra BF1. So on’t expect to play every game ultra on 60 Fps 4k. I think Project Scorpio is gonna cost 600-700 US dollars like PS 3. 

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