did the Xbox One X deliver on its promises ?


Did the Xbox One X deliver on its promises ?

The Xbox One X didn’t really deliver on its promises. In E3 Assassin’s Creed Origins wasn’t running at native 4k and according to the benchmarks released by DigitalFoundry it can’t run triple a titles by 3rd party developers at 4k 30 fpsDigitalFoundry didn’t say what were the games that were benchmarked but we can guess. One of them seemed to be Assassin’s Creeds Origins and got an average of 24fps on the Xbox One X. the StarWars Battlefront  2 demo on the Xbox One X didn’t run at native 4k. I am not disappointed because I know it is impossible to run every game high graphics native 4k. I am guessing Xbox One X will run triple A games that aren’t exclusives at mid-high settings 4k [not native.]



Microsoft’s Xbox One X Benchmarks Revealed: 4K vs 900p/1080p + Back-Compat!


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27 Minutes of Assassin’s Creed Origins Gameplay on Xbox One X


27 Minutes of Assassin’s Creed Origins Gameplay on Xbox One X

The game will be released on Xbox One X, Ps 4, and PC. The game will be released at October 27, 2017. The game is set in Egypt and it is about the Origins of the Assassin’s Brotherhood. The game is huge, it is set in every part of Egypt and players will unlock parts of Egypt on the map by visiting it. People will be able to travel by Horses, boats, running, and swimming. People will be able to use an Eagle to mark enemies. The enemies have different levels, higher level enemies will be very hard to kill at lower levels. There are many different islands in the game. Ubisoft has also added a skill tree to the game, people can become the Assassin they want to be. If someone likes stealth they can buy stealth skills or someone wants pure combat they can upgrade combat abilities. People will also be able to craft their own gear, in the video we see the player crafting a shield and a combat bow. Under the water there are also dangerous animals, and loot. In the video one of the guards is killed by a hippo but the player didn’t do anything. This shows that the game is alive. Click here to preorder the game.



27 Minutes of Assassin’s Creed Origins Gameplay – E3 2017

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Assassins Creed Origins news


leaked Assassins Creed Origins leaked news

jimmyfallon007 has leaked a picture of the new Assassins Creed Origins. The picture shows a card to reserve Assassins Creed Origins .

Image from:

This person is probably the main character. He is carrying a bow, a shield on his back, and a pet Owl on his shoulder. The image also confirms the Egyptian setting because if you look at the top there is a Pyramid . To see the main character of the game click here. The card also says that people will get a bonus mission called Secret Of The first Pyramid if they preorder the game. The card means that the game is probably gonna be released in less then a year. For more info about the game click here.



New Assassins Creed to be called Origins. Looks to confirm the Egypt jimmyfallon007

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Assassin’s Creed Empire leaks.


Assassin’s Creed Empire main character leaked ?

An image of a T-shirt was leaked. 



The T-shirt has a picture of a man wearing cloth that looks like something an Assassin’s Creed character would wear and if you look at the bottom right you will see the Assassin Creed’s logo. On the top right there is text that reads Bayek people on Reddit have confirmed that the writing on top of the English says Bayek too. The person on the T-shirt is defiantly a important character, probably the main character. It seems like this Assassin Creed game  shields would be in the game, for more details on the game click here.