SNES preorder coming soon

SNES Mini Box [featured image]


SNES preorder coming soon

Nintendo announced SNES preorders are opening at August


A few days ago Walmart accidentally opened preorders for the SNES classic edition, Walmart canceled all the preorders. Now Nintendo said SNES classic edition preorders are going live sometime in August. Nintendo also said they will send extra SNES classic editions when it launches. Preorders have already opened up [they are sold out] in the UK. The SNES classic edition will launch at September 29th and it will come with 21 games more on that here. Nintendo might release an N64 classic edition more on that here.




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N64 classic might be coming.


N64 classic might be coming.

Nintendo was registering trademarks for all the company’s controllers. There were 4 controllers but the there was also an N64 controller.


Nintendo registered a SNES controller last year. So this image means that an N64 controller is coming but we don’t know if it is going to be for the Switch or an N64 classic edition.


The NES classic edition was a huge success for Nintendo, but most people couldn’t get one because of the shortages. The NES classic edition 2.7 mil and it would have sold a lot more in everyone could get one. 

The Snes was a great console with tons of games, and it sold 49.1 mil. Some SNES games are Metroid, Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Mario Kart. A lot of great games were released on the SNES, and a lot of fans still want to play those games but they can’t because they can’t find a working SNES.





Super Nintendo entertainment system classic edition announced.


Super Nintendo entertainment system classic edition coming sept 29

The SNES is gonna be released Sept 29 this year and it is gonna cost $79.99. The console will include 2 wired controllers and 21 games. The console comes with Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, The Legend Of Zelda a Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Donkey Kong country, Star Fox 2, and more. Don’t remember Star Fox 2 ? That is because Star Fox 2 was never released so the only way to play Star Fox 2 is buying the SNES classic edition. The SNES classic edition is not available for preorder yet. Subscribe to our new letter for more Nintendo and gaming news.