Things to expect from E3


Things to Expect from E3

E3 is only 9 days away so we have made a list of 6 things that are expected to be shown at E3

Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo has said on there E3 website that they are going to “featuring a closer look at the Super Mario Odyssey game.” The new Mario game is a 3D sandbox game like Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. There are gonna be new actions like throwing Mario’s hat.

Far Cry 5

Ubisoft announced Far Cry 5 not to long ago, and since E3 is right around the corner I think Far Cry 5 is gonna be shown there. For more detail on the game click here.

Call OF Duty WW2

Their is barely any information about Call Of Duty WW2. For more detail on the game click here.

Assassin Creeds Empire

A image was leaked about a month ago of an Assassin Creed games. Euro Gamer confirmed that the image was real. To see the image click here

Need For Speed Payback

We really don’t have any information about the game all we have is a trailer and an article from the Need For Speed website..

Project Scorpio

The strongest console of all time Project Scorpio is defiantly gonna be at E3. Project Scorpio is gonna be released at the Holiday season of 2017. That is why it is expected for Project Scorpio to be at E3. To see Project Scorpio’s specs click here.

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