Virtual Reality 360 Chair “The Roto VR Chair” Ready To Order In Feb 2018

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Virtual Reality 360 Chair “The Roto VR Chair” Ready To Order In Feb 2018

Virtual Reality 360 Chair “The Roto VR Chair” Ready To Order In Feb 2018

Roto VR recently announced that the first Roto VR Chairs are going to be shipped as soon as early 2018. The first units are on way to delivery to development and programming studios now, and the deliveries in February are going out for all of the consumers.

We first heard of Roto VR the virtual reality chair in May 2016. It was promised that The Roto VR Chair will bringing an enhanced 360 rotating VR experience. The Roto VR Chair has a motorized base, which brings to life the directional inputs from VR games and apps to physical world. It can rotate / move you according the app, game or the vr headset cordinations. To prevent the headset cable from disturbing, wrapping around you or reminding o=you of the reality, Roto VR developed a system to plug the headset into the chair and plug the base of the chair into computer. When Roto VR first started accepting orders for the Roto VR, the company believed that it could ship the first chairs as early as July 2016 that did not happen.  Roto VR was forced to delay the launch. In October 2016, Roto VR announced that the Roto VR Chairs were about to enter production and that the company expected to begin shipping the product in January 2017.

Roto VR is a chair designed to enhance seated VR experiences by letting you rotate as you would in the virtual world. It was a good concept that came to life, but its price point is staggering. Pre-Orders for the kit were live at an eye-opening cost of $499.99. That was at a special discount for pre-orders; without it Roto VR by itself was as much as an Oculus Rift. To get it to support the Rift, HTC Vive or PlayStation VR, you’ll need to fork out an extra $99.99 for an Advanced Cable Magazine that will also prevent the wires on tethered HMDs from getting tangled. We do not know if these prices are still going to remain or there will be a change to what we saw in mid 2017.

“The team have been working around the clock to get Roto VR final and shipment ready” commented Elliott Myers, CEO and creator of Roto VR.

“We’ve taken our time to ensure a top quality final product, and I’m thrilled to confirm that units are beginning to ship, we will move to full production and all consumer orders will be fulfilled in early 2018. We’re super hyped because we know Roto VR will usher in a new era of unparalleled 360 VR immersion – and it’s affordable.” CEO and creator of Roto VR.

Virtual Reality Chair "The Roto VR Chair" Will Be Ready To Order In Feb 2018

Virtual Reality Chair “The Roto VR Chair” Will Be Ready To Order In Feb 2018

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