Why are (Nvidia & AMD GPUs) and RAM Memory so expensive right now?

/, PC Games/Why are (Nvidia & AMD GPUs) and RAM Memory so expensive right now?

Why are (Nvidia & AMD GPUs) and RAM Memory so expensive right now?

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Why are (Nvidia & AMD GPUs) and RAM Memory so expensive right now?

Why are some of the most important parts of your PC so expensive right now

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In 2017 PC gaming wasn’t the best graphical platform for the price (gaming wise). The Xbox One X is truly the most powerful console of all time. If you build a $500 PC you will be able to play games at a decent graphical setting with a decent amount of FPS. The Xbox One X’s hardware isn’t more powerful than a $500 gaming PC but because of so much optimization done by developers video games on consoles run very well especially on the Xbox One X. For $500 PC gamers can play games at 1080p medium to high settings with 60 FPS in triple-A games, but on the Xbox One X many games run at 4k or something close to 4k at ultra settings 30 FPS. Thanks to the massive GPU and RAM shortage that is happening right now it’s basically impossible to find a GPU at the original price. Right now all graphics cards and RAM cost a lot more than the original price some times twice more than what it used to be, for example your can find a nvidia 11060 6g for about $450 to $550 while the original MSRP cost was $250 to $300. 

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The GPU shortage is happening because of miners and their need for more and more gpu processing. Since cryptominig blew up around December 2017 a lot of people started to mine cryptocurrencies with their graphics cards. To mine cryptocurrencies and make an actual profit you will need more than 4 GPUs many miners have rigs with 8 graphics cards and between 6 to 9 months of mining. When crypto mining blew up and everyone started buying massive amounts of GPUS Nvidia and AMD were not ready for all of the demand. An issue that Nvidia recently addressed.  Gamers bought 2 graphics cards but miners buy more than 4 graphics cards for mining. Unfortunately, the reason for the RAM price hike is not as clear and directly related to mining. All we know is that there is more demand than supply that makes them very rare and expensive. If you want to buy 16 Gb of DDR4 RAM you will need to spend more then $130. If you bought 16 GB of DDR4 RAM a few months ago you would’ve needed to spend a lot less then $100 and for the high-end RAM you would’ve had to spend $130 which now cost much more. 

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