Splatoon 2’s next splatfest is starting at August


Splatoon 2’s next splatfest is starting at August

In a Splatfest Splatoon 2 players divided into 2 teams, in this case, mayo and ketchup. The team that wins gets rewards. The Splatfest is going to start in the first week of August in Europe and North America. 



The winning team will get snails. The higher your rank in the splatfest the more snails you will get and if your team wins you will get additional snails.


Splatfest is a feature from Splatoon 1. Every splatfest will have 2 teams for players to choose. One of the splatfests in Spaltoon 1 was Patric vs Spongebob. Splatfests are done regularly and they are very fun. 



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Splatoon 2 Switch resolution and graphics


Splatoon 2 Switch resolution and graphics 

When the Switch was reviled the Splatton 2 demo ran at 720p like the Wii U. During Nintendo’s live stream one of the people there asked if the game runs at 1080p 60 fps and Splatoon 2’s producer answered yes the game runs at 60fps and at a max resolution of 1080p. Nintendo wanted Splatoon 2 to always be at the 60 fps target so in more demanding areas the game will drop down to lower resolutions like 1536*864 or in between resolution. In portable mode it is the same it will run at a max resolution of 720p and 1152*648. This is a big upgrade over the Wii U the Switch’s resolution will always be above Wii U’s 1280*720. The hub area will run at a native 1080p and good graphics but the hub will run at 30fps. There is no anti aliasing the gameplay though. Splatoon 2 looks a lot better [look at the image below]

In the image above look at the lighting, and shadows. The shadows in Splatoon 2 look a lot better and the lighting is amazing compared to Splatoon 1. Splatoon 1 fakes a lot of its shadows and the real time shadows look ugly but the real shadows in Splatoon 2 the shadows look a lot better.


In the image above the paint in Nintendo Switch looks shiny and the paint interaction with other colored paint looks like the paint is gooey and in my opinion it look cooler.




Splatoon 2 Switch Analysis: Resolution, Wii U Improvements And More!


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Games everyone is looking forward to


Games everyone is looking forward to

I am gonna talk about 5 games that everyone is looking forward to.


Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is gonna be released at 11/17/2017.  The main character is den Versio, commander of Inferno Squad; an Imperial special forces unit equally lethal on the ground. It seems like Versio wants to get revenge from the Rebellion for killing the Emperor For more details on Battlefront 2 click here.

Call Of Duty WW2

the game is gonna be released at November 3rd. We barely have any information about the game. The battle of Battle of the Bulge will be in the game and the Axis [Allies of Germany in WW2] are not gonna be playable in Call Of Duty WW2. Women characters will be in the campaign. For more info on the game click here

Splatoon 2

Splatton 2 is gonna be available at July 21st . Splatoon 2 isn’t gonna be much different from the old Splatoon. for more details on the game click here.

Mario Odyssey

The new Mario game is a 3D sandbox game like  Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine.  There are gonna be new actions like throwing Mario”s hat.

Far Cry 5

 The game is gonna be set at USA, Hope County, Montana, it is gonna be a western game. The story is about a group of people called the Project at Edens Gate they believe That Collapse is imminent, and only their merciless and manipulative leader, The Father [Joseph Seed], can save them. Their is a group that is fighting the “cult” it is called the resistance, the resistance want the old Hope Country back so they are doing anything they can to beat them. For more details on Far Cry 5 click here.